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Reconfiguring a Southeast Boise Home

Most of us take the bad with the good when it comes to our homes.  Chances are that unless our house was a custom build, there are things about it that just don’t work for us.  When we reach that epiphany, it may be time to move on.  But an even better solution may be to remodel.


Our clients weren’t happy with the layout of their two-story home.  For one thing, they wanted a family room and more space for their kids.  The solution was to add a second story over the garage…but that was only the beginning.  


The goal of this remodel was to add a family room to our clients’ home, but to have the room be open to the rest of the house rather than isolated in a space over the garage.  In the original layout of the home, the upstairs led to an office and a small bedroom.  Our design utilized this space to create a family room in the center of the home, while adding two new, and larger, bedrooms for the children in the addition over the garage.  The extent of this addition would, however, require some heavy duty support.


As the pictures in this case study show, we installed a larger girder to support the floor system over the garage as well as the wall and roof loads.  To support this bulk, we cut the existing concrete floor, and excavated the fill dirt to dig underneath the existing footings and add a new footing for the former footing to bear on.  In addition to the new bedrooms, we added a hall bathroom for children.  We also added about 12 feet of space to the back of the garage to create a buffer zone going into the kitchen, and moved the washer and dryer upstairs into the newly created addition as part of a larger remodel effort on the ground floor of the home (see links below).


Adding this addition to the garage resulted in a completely new layout for the entire second level of this home — one that worked much better for our clients.  It was also part of a more comprehensive project that included a Master Bathroom remodel and a main level Kitchen and Pantry Remodel.  Think of it as moving into a new home…without the move.

Click on photos to enlarge. To view more photos please click continue reading at the bottom:

After. During – This used to be a small bedroom/office to the right.


Before of the future Family space. The open door shows the former office, and the closed door was to a small bedroom. Both of these areas were combined into a space to hold the new Family Room, a Laundry Room and a Bathroom. Note the window in the office (the next picture will show the whole window for reference). The new Family Room located in place of a former office and a former small bedroom. Rather then placing the Family space over the Garage requiring a long hall to access it, we placed it in the center of home and isolated two bedrooms over the Garage. Note the same window as the previous picture. Access to the new bedrooms and bathroom is to the far right. Note the former wall locations in the ceiling and marked on the floor. And to the very far right is the entry to the new Laundry Room, located right in the middle of all the bedrooms, moved from the Kitchen below.

The new Laundry Room, check out the cool vinyl flooring! Before.


The new Hall Bathroom for the children. Again, note the flooring material, vinyl as well.


Floor system installed for addition over the Garage, note the large girder truss designed to bear the bulk of the addition. The truss height is designed to accommodate windows directly above.


Showing the truss and the floor system over the Garage. The girder truss supports floor, wall and roof loads, and will be buried in the lower part of the wall, beneath two windows that will be installed. To support the truss, we had to cut the existing concrete floor, excavate the fill dirt, dig underneath the existing footings and add a new footing for the former footing to bear on.


After. Before – No Family space, an outdated Kitchen and a Master Bath/Closet area just waiting for an update. During – The addition is coming together.