It Was a Very Good Year

Strite Trends

Seeing as we’re coming to the end of the first month of a new year, we thought it might be appropriate to reflect back on key events from the previous one.  Think of it as a “highlight reel” before the blur of time obscures our sense of chronology.  Suffice it to say that 2014 was, to quote Old Blue Eyes, “a very good year.”


To begin with, our industry was just a healthier one to be in this year — the best we’ve experienced since the recession, as a matter of fact.  This is good news not only for remodeling companies, but for homeowners as well, since one of the metrics of industry health, the cost vs. value ratio, signaled an end to a long slide in what homeowners can expect to get back from their remodeling investment should they sell their homes.  For 2014, the cost-value ratio hit 66.1 percent — an increase of 5.5 points over last year, and the largest increase since 2005.  That, my friends, is reason to celebrate.

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Meet Caitlin Tucker

Such was our confidence going into the year that we brought a new team member on board: Caitlin Tucker.  That decision has proven to be all that we had hoped for, since Caitlin’s duties as design assistant enhance the experience of our clients by not only improving the efficiency of our remodeling processes, but also by helping our clients better visualize the spaces we design and build for them.

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Speaking of spaces that we design and build, there were a number of challenging projects we completed this year — several of which involved not merely adding space or improving its utility, but fundamentally reconfiguring a home’s orientation to its physical setting.  One of these projects was featured as part of the 2014 NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) Tour of Remodeled Homes.


As impressive as this Boise Foothills project is, there were others as well that were characterized by optimizing a home site and making a beautiful setting a more dynamic element of their homeowners’ lifestyles.  While we could add many more links to projects we are proud of, these three alone will give you a good idea of the scope of our design, engineering, and construction capabilities, as well as the quality of the relationships we form with our clients.  We’re as proud of the latter as we are of the former.


It is, in fact, the quality of our client relationships that is at the heart of our culminating achievement for 2014 — winning NARI Idaho’s “Remodeler of the Year Award” in the category of over $1 million in completed projects.  This award is based on client surveys that are designed to measure customer satisfaction with the remodeling experience — an element of our business around which everything else revolves.  Winning this award is not only a testimony to the dedication and talent of our team, but the robustness of our business model and our industry.

Frank Sinatra

On that happy note, it seems only appropriate to once more quote Frank Sinatra as we head into a new year that we are confident will be every bit as memorable as the one we’ve highlighted.  With STRITE turning 40 years old in 2015, we may not be in the “autumn of our years,” but like Frank sang, we do think of 2014 as “…vintage wine from fine old kegs…from the brim to the dregs, it poured sweet and clear — it was a very good year.”

We couldn’t have done it without you, Boise.  Thanks.