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A Healing Remodel

The most usual challenge with remodeling old homes is dealing with infrastructural wear and tear.  Sometimes, however, an equal challenge can be found in dealing with previous remodel efforts.  In the case of one North End home, we were faced with both!   Vision This North End home had a long history, beginning with an […]

The Ultimate Man Cave: Building a Garage Addition

Our client’s passion for working on cars was more than a serious avocation…it was also a source of income.  We gave him a garage addition that satisfied both of these manly impulses. Vision Our client had an existing free standing garage, but it could only accommodate two cars.  He wanted to expand that capacity…and have […]

Simple Changes = Dramatic Effects

This master bathroom suffered from some bad feng shui.  Fortunately, we’ve learned from years of experience that small changes can yield big results…if you know how to make them count. It’s a zen thing. Vision It was bad enough that this bathroom was cramped and dark.  To make matters worse, it had doors that did […]

Simple Changes Yield Big Improvements

At Strite Design & Remodel, we believe that a hallmark of good design is finding simple solutions that yield big enhancements — both in the functionality of a living space as well as its esthetics.  This bathroom remodel is a prime example of that philosophy. Vision With this bathroom remodel, our client was looking for […]

An Unobtrusive Addition

Vision There was already a second story to this home, but our clients wanted to add additional bedrooms over their garage — as unobtrusively as possible. Challenge The biggest challenge with almost any second story addition is blending it with the existing lines of the home.  The secret is in tying in the roof elements.  […]

2011 Remodeler of the Year

SDR Awarded REMODELER OF THE YEAR by NARI 4 Years  Running Strite design + remodel was presented with the award of “2011 Remodeler of the Year” by National Association of the Remodeling Industry of Idaho.  This award is given based upon the input of our customers over the last year, in areas including professionalism, integrity, fairness, workmanship […]

Basement Remodel – Fallout Shelter

A Fallout Shelter Makes For an Interesting Basement Remodel During the Cold War era, America was constantly reminded of the effects of nuclear fallout. Television, radio, newspapers, and even our schools conveyed the  frightful details. As a result, the masses sought protection by building shelters able to withstand the radiation and often stocked them with […]