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Corrective Vision for a Uniquely “Sighted” Home

February 14, 2017/by Michael Boss

The 3 Percent

August 23, 2016/by Michael Boss

Into The Great Wide Open

March 21, 2016/by Michael Boss

New Design for an Oddly Shaped Bath

February 17, 2016/by Michael Boss

Designing Minds: A Whole House Rejuvenation

February 5, 2016/by Michael Boss

Every Picture Tells a Story

January 16, 2016/by Michael Boss

Behold the Power of Finishes!

August 13, 2015/by Michael Boss

A Dramatic Kitchen Remodel

August 1, 2015/by Michael Boss

Designing Minds: Retirement Rightsizing

July 15, 2015/by Michael Boss

A Bathroom Remodel that Played Well with Others

July 10, 2015/by Michael Boss

A ’60s Kitchen Gets With the Times

June 1, 2015/by Michael Boss

Meet Smokey Ensey

May 2, 2015/by Michael Boss


February 1, 2015/by Michael Boss

An Amazing Addition

January 31, 2015/by Michael Boss

A Healing Remodel

January 31, 2015/by SDR

A Kitchen Sees the Light

January 30, 2015/by Michael Boss

From Tuscan to Contemporary: a Whole House Remodel

January 28, 2015/by Michael Boss

What Are the Advantages to Working With STRITE design + remodel?

January 23, 2015/by Michael Boss

The Emotional Roller-coaster of Your Remodel

January 22, 2015/by Michael Boss

A Few Feet from Functional to Fantastic

January 21, 2015/by Michael Boss

What to do?

January 20, 2015/by Michael Snow

Not Just Another Pretty Face

January 20, 2015/by Michael Boss

A Question of Balance

January 15, 2015/by Michael Boss

A “Treehouse” Gets New Bathrooms

January 15, 2015/by Michael Boss

Good Design = Solving Problems

January 10, 2015/by Michael Boss

A Remodel of Historic Proportion

January 7, 2015/by Michael Boss

What Are the Types of Projects for which STRITE is Ideally Suited?

January 6, 2015/by Michael Boss

We’ll Remodel Your Bathroom…and Throw in a Laundry Room!

January 4, 2015/by Michael Boss

A Kitchen Loses the Blues…and Gets a New Life

January 4, 2015/by Michael Boss

A Structural Kitchen Remodel

January 3, 2015/by Michael Boss

Add a Little…Gain a Lot

December 8, 2014/by Michael Boss

Who Says Economical Can’t Be Exciting?

December 2, 2014/by Michael Boss

A Kitchen Rejoins the Family

December 2, 2014/by Michael Snow

Funky Works in Music..In Bathrooms, Not So Much

November 10, 2014/by Michael Boss

A Creative Use of Garage Space

October 11, 2014/by Michael Boss

A Kitchen Boldly Comes Out

October 10, 2014/by Michael Boss

Client Relations and the Cost of Doing Business

October 3, 2014/by Michael Boss

From Ho-Hum to Holy Cow!

October 3, 2014/by Michael Boss

How Long is it Going to Take?

October 2, 2014/by Michael Boss

Shade Trellis: a Study in Functional Beauty

September 20, 2014/by Michael Boss

Reimagining the Kitchen

September 19, 2014/by Michael Boss

What Are the Major Stages in a Remodel Project?

September 15, 2014/by Michael Boss

Cost vs. Value 2014: More Good News for Remodelers and Homeowners

July 17, 2014/by Michael Boss

A Foothills Remodel Takes a ‘70s Home “Back to the Future”

July 7, 2014/by Michael Boss

The Ultimate Man Cave: Building a Garage Addition

July 3, 2014/by SDR

Remodeling as a Metaphor for Life

January 24, 2014/by Michael Boss

What Qualifications Should You Look For When Choosing a Remodeler?

January 17, 2014/by Michael Boss

From Empty Nest to Guests: A Simple Bathroom Remodel

January 5, 2014/by Michael Boss

When Does it Make Sense to Remodel?

November 1, 2013/by Michael Boss

A Kitchen Expands its Horizons

October 24, 2013/by Michael Boss

Your Candid Feedback

October 9, 2013/by Michael Snow

Don’t Call Them “Subs”!

September 25, 2013/by Michael Boss

Simple Changes = Dramatic Effects

September 22, 2013/by SDR

10 Year Trend to 2013

September 11, 2013/by Michael Boss

Frequently Asked Questions

September 9, 2013/by Michael Boss

Knowing Our Numbers

September 6, 2013/by Michael Boss

What Does “Value” Mean?

September 6, 2013/by Michael Boss

Defining Integrity in the Remodeling Business

September 5, 2013/by Michael Boss

An Addition Serves as Guest Room and Library

September 3, 2013/by Michael Boss

Simple Changes Yield Big Improvements

September 3, 2013/by SDR

Why Experience Matters

August 28, 2013/by Michael Boss

Making the Cut

August 27, 2013/by Michael Boss

Garage Addition Design Study

August 26, 2013/by Michael Boss

Managing Chaos

August 21, 2013/by Michael Boss

Remodeling Resurgence? An Interview with Bob Mundy

August 20, 2013/by Michael Boss

Better Living by Design

August 8, 2013/by Michael Boss

Party Time!

August 7, 2013/by Michael Boss

Would Someone Please Define Value

July 27, 2013/by Michael Boss

2013 NARI Remodeled Homes Video Tour

July 16, 2013/by Michael Boss

From Danger to Delight: a Trellis Deck Addition

July 10, 2013/by Michael Boss

And Baby Makes Five

July 9, 2013/by Michael Boss

Beam Us Up, Scotty!

July 3, 2013/by Michael Boss

The Strite Experience

July 1, 2013/by Michael Boss

A Three-Quarter Bathroom Takes a Powder

June 15, 2013/by Michael Boss

A Challenging Hillside Addition

June 12, 2013/by Michael Boss

Barbacoa: The Phoenix Still Rises

June 7, 2013/by Michael Boss

Designing Minds: Something Zen

May 28, 2013/by Michael Boss

Remodeling Tips from NARI of Idaho

December 22, 2012/by SDR

From Eyesore to Eye Candy: Creating a Powder Room with Visual Appeal

September 20, 2012/by Michael Boss

A Multi-Dimensional Kitchen Remodel

September 11, 2012/by Michael Boss

Deck the Hills

July 13, 2012/by Michael Snow

An Unobtrusive Addition

April 20, 2012/by SDR

Children’s View Window

March 19, 2012/by Michael Snow

Basement Remodel – Fallout Shelter

January 2, 2012/by SDR

Warning Signs when Interviewing a Remodeler

December 22, 2011/by SDR

A Checklist for Choosing Your Remodeler

December 22, 2011/by SDR

50’s Show Home

November 23, 2011/by Michael Snow

Strite design + remodel Awarded Guildmaster With Highest Distinction

October 28, 2011/by Michael Snow

A Kitchen Shows Its Social Side

September 26, 2011/by SDR

Taking a Balanced Approach

September 20, 2011/by Michael Snow

Form Follows Function in a Laundry Room Makeover

September 3, 2011/by SDR

A Bathroom Matures with its Owners

September 3, 2011/by SDR

It’s the Little Things…and Sometimes the Big Ones!

September 3, 2011/by SDR

A Patio Remodel Offers La Vida Fresca

September 2, 2011/by SDR

Remodel or Move?

February 4, 2011/by Michael Snow

Oops! We hit a sewer line…

January 13, 2011/by Michael Boss