Original kitchen before remodel, by Strite Design Strite Design in North End Boise, Idaho

’50s Show Home

Our home was built in 1956, we bought it from the original owners in 1997.  As this was our first home, we mentioned to the son that if you ever find any old pictures, we would be interested in making copies.  About four years after we purchased our home, a package arrived at our door from the son, who is now in his 50’s. Both of his parents had recently passed, and he and his sister decided that these documents should stay with the home.  We were quite amazed with what we found.

Apparently his Mom fell in love with a home featured in the January 1955 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, and ordered the layout for .25 cents (as stated in the magazine).  We had received the original 3 page clipping from the magazine in the package, the one page plans that she had ordered, along with a construction budget and closing docs.  Also included was a letter from a relative (or friend) in Maryland with six little 2″ square black and white photos of the home over a period of several days during construction, the pictures were all hand labeled on the back dated March 1956. This was gold to us.