Completed Garage addition by Strite Design in Boise, Idaho

Our client’s passion for working on cars was more than a serious avocation…it was also a source of income.  We gave him a garage addition that satisfied both of these manly impulses.


Our client had an existing free standing garage, but it could only accommodate two cars.  He wanted to expand that capacity…and have a nicer facility to work in as well.


Rather than replace the original garage structure, our client decided to add onto it, which we did while incorporating one of the existing structure’s bay doors from as the connecting point.  Our goal was nothing short of building a commercial quality automotive shop space.


The new garage addition accommodated six cars and included lots of windows and three skylights, along with plenty of florescent lighting to create a well lit work area.  The structure was constructed on concrete slab, and we added a nice walkway to connect the original and new structures.


Although designed primarily for utility, the garage addition also featured an enviable “man cave,” thinly disguised as an office.  It’s good to be king.

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