A home addition by Strite Design + Remodel in Boise, Idaho

By its nature, an addition remodel is about creating something that wasn’t there before.  This in turn means incorporating something new into something that already existed.  A well executed addition should do this in a way that not only respects the integrity of a home’s design, but enhances it as well.  It’s all about balance.  


Our clients wanted an exercise space over their garage, and a hallway that would connect this room with the rest of their home.


More often than not, when you add an addition you are faced with balancing out the home as well as adding to it.


In the case of this addition, we not only added the space the clients were looking for, but filled out the home in a balanced way. The homeowner was planning on moving but changed their mind after our remodel!


Looking at the “After” photos reveals a simple but effective design trick for creating balance with a new addition: we replicated the shape of one design element (in this case the vent above the section of the home on one side of the garage) and incorporated it into the shape of a design element on the other side (in this case, a window).  We also picked up on the column elements that appear in other sections of the home and incorporated this design into the facade of the addition.

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