There was already a second story to this home, but our clients wanted to add additional bedrooms over their garage — as unobtrusively as possible.


The biggest challenge with almost any second story addition is blending it with the existing lines of the home.  The secret is in tying in the roof elements.  Fortunately, in the case of this home, the existing roofline gave us plenty of set back to work with.


“Hipped” roofs are more expensive because each truss is unique, but using a hipped roof design ties an addition in so nicely with the existing roofline that you typically can’t tell that an addition was done.


One of the design elements that makes a remodel like this so enjoyable is the challenge of connecting a new space with an existing one.  Although this addition was able to take advantage of a staircase access to the second story, working the design around the existing hallway as the connection to the new addition made the end result very satisfying — both for the designer and the client!

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After. During.


After. Before.


During. During. During.