Home Office Addition

When you think of an office addition over a garage, you would most likely think of a fairly mundane space, with an accent on utility rather than style.  Which is precisely why we present this case study.  We love to confound expectations…as well as exceed them.


When our clients wanted to add a professional looking office to their home, we decided to take advantage of what might not have seemed like an obvious asset: a deep garage.  The depth of the garage bays, however, allowed for an ideal traffic pattern, the space needed to install stairs directly off the main level kitchen.


Since we weren’t starting out with a second story in this addition remodel, new stairs were required.  Fortunately, the garage bays were deeper than typical, which allowed space to place a stairwell without major interior remodeling.  That sure helps the budget.


Our client wanted to surround the office space with natural light, but also provide a sound barrier from the stairwell which is open to the kitchen below. The solution was a sheet of tempered glass, which blocked sound without obstructing the light and views of the mountains through two corner windows.  The completed office, while convenient to the rest of the home, was spacious enough to provide for an additional bathroom as well.


In going vertical with an addition, we are always conscious of how our design effects an existing roofline.  In the case of this project, our approach was to keep the gable over the garage to break up the two story plane — an architectural element that actually enhanced the roof line of the home thanks to our addition, this design ended up looking perfect.  Our clients were so delighted that they asked us to handle another remodel project for them.  We also received a very nice letter.  In our business, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels — but you can feature them.

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