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What to do?

When folks are considering remodeling, the question that often arises is should we stay and remodel, or should we find what we want and move. Lets assume your home is a 3 bed, 3 bath, 2,100 square foot home.  You would like to add another bedroom and bathroom because one of your bedrooms is small […]

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A Kitchen Rejoins the Family

Somewhere in the evolution of home design, kitchens were relegated to a “separate but equal” status in the hierarchy of home life.  This is especially apparent in the example of this North End home, in which we reunited an isolated and lonely kitchen with a larger family space as part of a more extensive remodel. […]

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Your Candid Feedback

We attempt to complete a personal  follow up interview with all of our clients in the hopes of receiving solid objective feedback.  We have completed hundreds of surveys over the past 20 years, and have received valuable tips on how to improve our service a little more each remodel.  We encourage objective, candid comments – […]


Deck the Hills

A deck can be a double-edged sword when it comes to a home’s value.  Given a killer view and the right orientation, a spacious deck can be ground zero for a gracious, outdoor lifestyle — that is, until it ages to the point of being not only an eyesore but potentially hazardous.   A timely and […]

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50’s Show Home

’50s Show Home Our home was built in 1956, we bought it from the original owners in 1997.  As this was our first home, we mentioned to the son that if you ever find any old pictures, we would be interested in making copies.  About four years after we purchased our home, a package arrived […]