A bathroom remodel by Strite Design + Remodel in Boise, Idaho

At Strite Design & Remodel, we believe that a hallmark of good design is finding simple solutions that yield big enhancements — both in the functionality of a living space as well as its esthetics.  This bathroom remodel is a prime example of that philosophy.


With this bathroom remodel, our client was looking for greater ease of access to their toilet.  The original design was more than just awkward — it involved having to go through a doorway that led from their shower.  Finding a solution to this little design flaw also provided the perfect opportunity to give the master bathroom an updated look.


While the goal of this remodel seems straightforward, making everything come together was a complex design challenge.  We needed to create a new doorway to the toilet so that it would be accessible from the main bathroom area, rather than from the shower.  In blocking off the old shower-to-toilet entrance, we were able to address another design flaw: the necessity of stepping up onto a platform to get into the shower itself.  This created an added inconvenience of having to walk through a puddle to get to the toilet if the shower had just been used.


By creating a doorway to the toilet, we not only made it more accessible, but gave it a new sightline that looked into the larger room rather than directly into a shower wall.  Although we kept the original glass block wall for the shower, we reduced the number of angles in the room by making the wall a curved surface.  Rather than having to step up into the shower, now that access to the toilet was not an issue, we sloped the entry into it — which had the added benefit of creating a drying off area that wouldn’t leave a puddle on the bathroom floor.


Along with solving the practical issues that the original bathroom design presented, we updated the tile, color scheme, and fixtures to give the room a more contemporary look.  Borrowing a sightline from an adjacent space — a technique we use in a lot of design situations — created a visual appeal that went beyond the surface alterations.  If form follows function, both should serve to enhance the experience of a place.

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