A master bathroom remodel by Strite Design in Boise, Idaho

This master bathroom suffered from some bad feng shui.  Fortunately, we’ve learned from years of experience that small changes can yield big results…if you know how to make them count. It’s a zen thing.


It was bad enough that this bathroom was cramped and dark.  To make matters worse, it had doors that did more to obstruct than reveal.  Our client wanted us to find a way to change all that, without demolishing the room and starting over.


The “flow” of this room was badly hampered by a mirrored closet bifold door that consumed floor space — resulting in a very cramped vanity area.  Adding to this obstruction was the swing door into the toilet/shower room that swung the wrong way, forcing one to walk around the door to reach the toilet area.


To open things up and improve the flow of activity in this room, we removed the wall separating the toilet/shower area.  In its place we added a half wall that separated the toilet from the vanity.  In the space opened up by this modification, we added a window above the toilet, which provided natural light to the formerly dark bathroom.  We removed the closet door and replaced it with a pocket door, which is often the best solution for a cramped space.


To enhance the esthetics of the functional changes we made, we replaced the cultured marble vanity with a granite top, added a tile backsplash, and updated the fixtures.  In lieu of the expense of new cabinetry, we sanded and refinished the existing front cabinets and added hardware.  We also fully tiled and reframed the shower and refinished the hardwood floor.  Looking at the before and after pictures, it’s hard to believe that this is the same room — which just goes to show that little feng shui goes a long way.

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