Bathroom after remodel by Strite Design in Meridian, Idaho

If every time you walk into a room only to find that it irks you, it’s probably time to consider a remodel.  This doesn’t mean that you have to start tearing walls down, however.  It might be enough to simply move a window to completely transform the layout of a space…as was the case in this bathroom remodel.  


Our client never liked his main floor bathroom.  Small wonder, considering the “funky” layout of the bathtub and shower.  In addition to eliminating the awkwardness of their arrangement, our client wanted a less angular design to the room, and a corresponding sense of greater spaciousness.


With a modest budget, we couldn’t do anything too radical to the structure of this bathroom.   The simplest thing to have done would have been to remove the tub, but since this was the only bathroom on this level of his home, our client wanted to retain it.  Our solution was to combine the tub and the shower, while increasing the size of the shower space and updating the overall look of the room.


We relocated the existing bathtub and integrated it with the shower.  To create the necessary space for this single unit, we moved the bathroom window and framed part of the wall.  Our client also wanted vertical storage space, which we made room for by slightly shifting the location of the vanity.


Having achieved the functional goals of this remodel, we made esthetic enhancements with a new vanity (we were able to use a remnant counter top to save money) and cabinet.  We replaced the carpeting with floor tile that matched the tub/shower, and added an accent light.  We should note that part of the joy of any remodel, aside from its functional imperatives, is the opportunity to sit down with our clients and go through the interior design options that take the look of a room from “cookie cutter” to customized.

The completed space – the bath did have natural light, but one window was shifted over to allow for a new layout.  The room already featured two skylights which remained.

The former elbow bumper shower, we have all experienced them…the vanity shifted over slightly to allow for a full upright linen cabinet.

During the design phase – samples provided by the interior designer showing the shower deco and splash, the shower field tile, the counter top, wall and trim colors, and the cabinet finish.

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