Remodeled ¾ bathroom by Strite Design in Boise, Idaho

A three-quarter bathroom makes plenty of sense when it is the only bathroom in the house besides the master bath.  After all, you want your overnight guests to have a place to bathe that doesn’t involve them traipsing through your bedroom.  But when a three-quarter bathroom is one of several with a shower and/or tub, you might want to consider other configuration options.


Our client’s three-quarter bathroom was next to their dining room, and they wanted a more formal ambiance to harmonize with that room.  Since the tub/shower unit was essentially wasted space, we eliminated it in favor of a more updated look and layout.


The toilet in the original bathroom was in an odd location, and was installed very close to the wall (probably to avoid a joist), which made it rather awkward to use.  It was also visible from the hall — not quite what one might consider a decorative accent.


In place of the tub/shower unit, we installed a vanity.  Where the original vanity was located, we installed a new toilet, and gave it a more discreet appearance (or lack of appearance) by constructing a pony wall.


Besides reconfiguring the guest bathroom, we enhanced the powder room ambiance by installing a “floating” cabinet, new vanity, light fixtures, and mirror that completed the transformation our clients were looking for.  This was, by the way, the third bathroom remodel we completed in this home.  The best customer is always a satisfied one.

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