Remodeled Bathroom by Strite Design in Boise, Idaho

Remodeling can be a bit like a potato chip…it’s hard to stop at just one. This lower level guest bathroom was part of a larger remodel project, and with so many other rooms getting a makeover, it was hard to resist this long overdue update.


While our primary objective was to give this bathroom a more contemporary look, it was a perfect opportunity to address a very obvious issue: the bathtub was done with a great pipe line. At 48-inches long and half again that deep, it hardly seemed useful for more than just a catch basin for the shower…or a good place to wash the family pet!


We kept the layout of the bathroom as it was and replaced the tub with a shower. To make the shower more accessible, we borrowed space from an adjoining closet. The green toilet and matching sink had to go…along with the shag carpet!


In addition to a new sink and toilet, we gave the bathroom a more contemporary look by removing the drop down soffit and putting in a floating cabinet. In place of the previous lighting, which was in the soffit, we added more stylish pendant lights. We replaced the shag carpet with tile that complimented the new counter top.


As dramatic a difference as this remodel made to the guest bathroom, it was a very economical project. While new construction seldom contains any surprises, the same cannot be said for remodeling. In this case, the demolition phase revealed some very interesting wallpaper, and evidence of two previous remodels. We think this last one is the best one.

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