A Master Bathroom renovation by Strite Design in Boise, Idaho

The most obvious way to dramatically affect the look of a room is to change its layout — whether the goal is functional improvement or simply a makeover.  That said, one should never underestimate the power of “finishes” to transform a living space.


The master bathroom in this home was already stylish, and its layout worked effectively for our client.  The goal of this remodel was to update that style and give the room a more understated elegance.  We accomplished this with well designed finishes, rather than through reconstruction.


Glass blocks have a timeless appeal, but they simply didn’t work with the look our client was going for.  The biggest change we needed to make, however, was the transformation of the vanity, which we wanted to reflect a more contemporary sense of elegance.


We replaced the glass block it in this room with clear tempered glazing to allow more light, and complimented its transparency with mirrored doors on the closet facing the tub.  We framed the new tub deck with openings for cabinetry behind the tub face panels to be used for towel storage.  We removed the soffit from above the vanity — not only because of how it affected the look of the room, but because the lighting was ineffective.  In its place we installed custom designed mirrors (can you find the one that is hinged for an inset medicine cabinet?) and new light fixtures.  We constructed new cabinets and added a marble vanity top with matching backsplash, as well as new sinks and fixtures.  To tie the look of the bathroom in with the master bedroom, we replaced the carpeting in both rooms with a dark hardwood that complimented the bathroom cabinetry. The visual “flow” between bedroom and bathroom was dramatic.


Not long after we completed this remodel, our client put the home up for sale.  It sold within a matter of days, and our client assures us that one of the features that “sealed the deal” was our remodeled bathroom.  We would never encourage anyone to remodel a home strictly with an eye to “return on investment” — but a well designed and executed remodel sure doesn’t hurt a home’s resale value!

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