A beautiful deck can add a lot to ones quality of life…until it ages to the point of becoming a hazard.  Remodeling to the rescue!


When a deck begins to wobble, it has become more than just an eyesore.  It’s just plain dangerous.  Our client wanted us to not only make it safe, but more appealing.


Our client wanted to keep the basic configuration of the old deck, but add a new design element in the form of a trellis that would offer both an element of visual appeal as well as a source of shade for a southern exposure.


We removed the old slab that the original deck was built on and poured a new slab for the deck’s foundation.  The new deck was a two-tier version of the original, with decorative metal railing to define the upper and lower areas


With a southern exposure, you want to limit the negative effects of the sun, but not at the expense of blocking the view from a hillside lot.  We used a clear rail system to balance these considerations, as well as opting for a more durable material than the previous deck’s wooden railing.  Ah, the good life!

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