During construction by Strite Design + Remodel in Boise, Idaho

We’re going to let you in on a little secret regarding our ability to meet our scheduling deadlines.

Sure, you probably think it has everything to do with experience and organizational skills — tempered with a healthy dose of realism — and those factors do come into significant play when we hand a client their project calendar.  More than anything, however, what keeps our projects on track and manageable is the willingness of our trades partners to make our priorities their priorities — and that willingness comes from years of relationship building and mutual respect.

“Mutual respect,” when it comes to our treatment of our trades partners as well as our clients, has been an indelible part of the STRITE culture for as long as we’ve been doing business — so much so that the often used industry term “subs” when referring to subcontracting relationships has been expunged from the STRITE vocabulary for some two decades now.  Inasmuch as “sub” is a prefix denoting lesser quality or inferiority, we consider it a derogatory reference to our partners — many of whom we have worked with over the course of hundreds, if not thousands, of projects.

While this respect cuts both ways, there are other reasons that our trades partners tend to make our priorities their priorities.  It’s good business.  Our trades partners know that when they attend a “trades party” to preview an upcoming STRITE project, they are virtually assured of getting the job.  They know that when they show up at a STRITE job site, it will be ready for them to get to work.  Finally, they know that we pay when we say we’re going to pay, and that once they’ve met our qualification standards (which include being insured, bonded, and reliable), they can count on a consistent stream of jobs.  All of these things contribute to the profitability of our trades partners, and benefit our clients by ensuring that the folks who work with us fit our schedules into theirs, rather than the other way around.

To hear first hand why the local trades community likes to work with STRITE, watch these YouTube video interviews with Terry Scott of Western Electric and Brad Allison of Allison Heating & Cooling.