Living room remodeled by Strite Design in Boise, Idaho

Some before and after photos leave you wondering if you’re really looking at the same space, or a parallel universe version.  One of the most gratifying aspects about what we do is making that effect much easier than it seems.  


This family room makeover was part of a larger remodel that included a new kitchen.  It’s funny how one renovation can lead to another…and another…


Our client’s family room was what you might call “plain vanilla” — in more ways than just the color scheme.  As part of a more comprehensive remodel project, our goal was to achieve maximum bang for the buck in terms of dramatic effect.  We targeted the fireplace as our design focal point and took it from there.


A new fireplace facade, replacing the carpet with hardwood flooring, new windows, designer lighting, and bold color took this room from drab to dramatic in short order.


The before photos reveal that for whatever reason, the original fireplace was not centered in the wall where it was located.  Physically moving the fireplace wasn’t an option, short of demolition, so we merely played a visual trick with the mantle piece.  Nothing up our sleeves…presto!

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