Laundry Room/Mud Room Remodel

It’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of underutilized space — especially when you apply it to as utilitarian but important a purpose as a laundry and mud room!


This interior remodel was the result of a larger project, during which we reclaimed space from a former master shower and tub area whose size exceeded our clients’ needs.  What they DID need, however, was a better laundry area.


Not unusual in contemporary design, access from the garage led through their laundry room.  What was odd, however, was the fact that it also led past the only bathroom on the main floor of the home.  This meant that guests had to pass through the laundry room on their way to the powder room — hardly an ideal layout.


We relocated the powder room and used this space, along with what we claimed from the adjoining master bath, to create a much more functional mud/laundry room.  The new room included shoe storage, lockers for the kids, storage bins and cabinets, room to hang coats and jackets, counter space over the washer and dryer, and a sink — all of which was well lit with florescent lighting.


A functional laundry/mud room is too important in the daily life of a family to simply be an afterthought!  By taking advantage of space from an adjoining area, we were able to give this room the utilitarian due it deserved…while making sure it was esthetically pleasing as well.  Form never follows function by accident — it’s the result of good design.

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