Kitchen remodel by Strite Design in Boise, Idaho

There are many compelling reasons for remodeling.  Sometimes it’s about updating a look to better reflect the tastes and sensibilities of the homeowners.  Sometimes it’s to upgrade a room’s intended function, or improve the flow of activities that take place there.  Sometimes it’s simply to create added space.  In the case of this kitchen remodel, all the above applied!


A primary motivation for this particular kitchen remodel was that our client wanted a more updated look as part of a much larger home makeover.  The existing cabinets were falling apart, and of poor quality.  At the same time, changing the layout of the kitchen presented opportunities to not only improve the esthetics of the room, but add some additional utility in the form of a mudroom and a pantry/baking area. Prior to remodelling, make sure you have prepared the surfaces and cleaned everything.


To improve the work flow of the kitchen, we took out a section of the existing counters in order to add an island in the middle.  To make this work, we gained some precious inches by notching out the space for the refrigerator to make if flush with the new cabinets we installed — which featured a distressed look.  We also improved the overall spaciousness of the room by raising the existing ceiling to the floor joist level, and replacing the florescent lighting with can lights.  By moving the washer and dryer upstairs, where they could be closer to the “source” of dirty laundry, we were able to convert the laundry room into a pantry and dedicated baking area with room for all the necessary appliances, which connected to a single power strip.  We also borrowed about 10 feet of garage space behind the kitchen to create a mudroom.


Along with the major changes that this remodel accomplished, we also made a number of other functional and esthetic improvements, including new hardwood floors and raising the sill height of the kitchen window to accommodate a tiled backsplash for easier clean up. This kitchen is a lovely example of utilizing the existing footprint and maximizing the clients’ satisfaction with quality, upgraded products and design touches (like the crown molding that harmonizes with the cabinetry).


There are two elements of this project that we quite often incorporate into other kitchen remodels.  One is the removal of the drop down ceiling to create a greater sense of space.  The other is the creation of a “buffer zone” between the inside and the outside, which also provides an additional storage space for bicycles and outdoor items, as well as a “dumping ground” that protects the kitchen area from the “elements.”

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