Trades Party
Inside A Trades Party

If you think of celebration in the context of a residential remodel, its timing would more logically be at the completion of a project rather than at its beginning — but then, a “trades party” is not your chip and dip, lampshade on the head, pony keg type of affair.

Although we certainly keep it congenial, it serves a serious purpose — one that is essential to bringing a project to completion on time, within budget, and in alignment with the expectations of our clients.


STRITE president Bob Mundy looks for possible complications.

STRITE president Bob Mundy looks for possible complications

If you’re unfamiliar with the “trades party” concept, it helps to place it in the scheme of our overall remodel process.  Between our clients’ approval of our preliminary remodel plan and their authorization for us to proceed with it comes the all-important step of inviting our construction partners to review the project and provide their input.  More than just sitting down over a set of drawings in our offices, this review takes place at the project site — the real world environment where our project management and trades will be operating.

STRITE designer Michael Snow -- the man with the plan.

STRITE designer Michael Snow — the man with the plan.

Depending on the type of work to be accomplished during the project — cabinetry, flooring, plumbing, electrical, etc. — the experts in these disciplines have the opportunity at a trades party to assess the scope and possible challenges they will face, and provide their feedback accordingly.  This information is vital to helping us prepare a comprehensive description of work (DOW) detailing each step of the construction process, from framing to finish work, as well as specifications and details about the product and material selections.

Besides its role in creating the DOW — and the subsequent fixed price remodel agreement that is standard with any STRITE engagement — the interactions between our design staff, project management team, and trades is invaluable in anticipating potential “gotchas” that could adversely affect the budget and timetable of a project if not anticipated through the trades party.



Terry Scott of Western Electric considers the electrical requirements of the project.

By giving our trades partners the opportunity to share their expertise and experience at the onset of a remodel, we not only identify potential challenges, but also potential savings.  We also ensure that our trades folk fully share the knowledge we have of the project plan, and can safely and profitably fulfill their part of its completion.  According this professional courtesy to our trades partners is one of the reasons that the best in the business want to work with us.  Chips and dip aside, that’s reason enough to celebrate the trades party process!

A trades party brings a third dimension and more to a set of drawings.

A trades party brings a third dimension and more to a set of drawings.