Completed covered patio by Strite Design in Boise, Idaho

For those who enjoy patio living, Boise can present some seasonal challenges — especially for those used to more temperate climes.  Thanks to a patio roof addition, however, a Treasure Valley couple was able to enjoy life in the great outdoors.


Our clients had kept a second home in Mexico, but eventually decided to sell it and live full time in Boise.  They had become used to spending time outdoors on their patio, however, and wanted to continue that lifestyle in the City of Trees.


Although their Boise home had a patio area, it offered very little protection from the elements — a particular problem during the extremes of summer and winter.  While they could have opted for a folding arm awnings or umbrellas, we wanted to give them a more weather resistant, and permanent, option.


Since we had already remodeled the kitchen and bathroom in their home, our clients had us build a roof over their patio, which we extended as well.  We installed two skylights to take maximum advantage of natural light, and even added a TV cable hookup to help transform the space into an “outdoor living room.”


Tying the roofline of the covered patio into the existing roofline of the home was tricky, but the result was that the new addition looked as though it had always been a part of the home.  To compensate for the fact that the patio roof would block sunlight to the rear of the home, we added another skylight deep inside.  This actually brought more light to the home than it had before the addition.  Viva la vida fresca!

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