Rendering of shed roof from front of home by Strite Design in Boise, Idaho
Garage Addition Digital Renderings

“Begin as you mean to continue” is a great philosophy for living in general.  In remodeling, however, intentionality in execution begins with intentionality in design.  In the case of some remodel projects, the number of options that face a designer require the kind of scrutiny that only 3D modeling can provide.


Our clients wanted to add an additional garage to their home, and had thought through their remodel criteria very carefully.  They wanted high ceilings, an overall sense of openness, and an orientation that would take advantage of the view from their foothills home.


As we attempt to gain ceiling height in the new garage (the existing garage roof is just under 8 feet), the fascia tie-in between the new and old structures presents a challenge that is best addressed by carefully modeling different roof options.


We have invested in 3D modeling capability for precisely the reasons this case study presents.  Using this technique with a home that already has an unusual roof line, we were able to look at shed roof designs that included clipped and unclipped versions of the existing garage roofline, then study the ramifications of these options from different perspectives.


While we still have a couple of studies remaining, our 3D models have already led us to the conclusion that the clipped roof doesn’t tie in well with the rest of the overhangs, so we will look at retaining the existing roof line while looking at the connection with the shed option and the hip option.  You can imagine the sense of confidence these models will give our clients as they make their final decision on the design of the new addition.

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Addition with shed roof and no clip on existing roof

Shed from side. but wait, keep reading more