New Deck after remodel by Strite Design in the Foothills Boise, Idaho
Deck Remodel

A deck can be a double-edged sword when it comes to a home’s value.  Given a killer view and the right orientation, a spacious deck can be ground zero for a gracious, outdoor lifestyle — that is, until it ages to the point of being not only an eyesore but potentially hazardous.  

A timely and well thought out remodel will not only ensure this won’t be the case, but can enhance a home’s appeal and take full advantage of its location.


Our clients loved their wooden deck, but as is the case with any wood structure faced with the extremes of weather in southwest Idaho, it was showing its age.  We not only wanted to make the deck a safe and attractive center of enjoyment, but also enhance the overall attractiveness of the home.


The railing of the original deck was spaced further apart than would today meet code.  To remedy this, the owners came up with a practical solution: they simply spanned the rail with horizontal slats.  This mitigated the safety hazard, but unfortunately obstructed both the view from the deck and the view of the home’s otherwise appealing facade.  We completely removed the old deck, but were able to use some of the original structure in constructing a new one.  We added support during the construction process to prevent cracking.


Our new deck included a painted metal rail system that dramatically improved the view from the deck and from the windows looking out onto it.  The existing 3 1/2-inch posts were still structurally sound, so we built them out to an 8-inch square — which not only gave them more architectural appeal, but also gave us a place to run plumbing.


Twenty-five is a youthful age if you’re a person…but not so much if you’re a deck.  In addition to rebuilding the deck on this home, we also did a kitchen remodel (see our case study blog, “A Kitchen Sees the Light”).  As part of this larger remodel project, we changed the layout of windows looking out on the deck to take better advantage of the view, as well as create a better flow of traffic from indoors to outdoors.  With its new lease on life, the deck became, if not the lead man in this remodel story, at least a much loved supporting actor.

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