Inside Strite

Whenever we consider a remodel project with a client, the discussion inevitably turns to the topic of “value.”  Sure, the concept can seem a bit trite, if not hackneyed, but the first thing we try to do is to disassociate its definition from that of “cost.”  The lowest bid on a remodel project is no more a metric of value than the highest bid — and while the concept of “return on investment” may make sense in the business realm, it doesn’t translate as neatly into the math of a home remodel.

Value, as it turns out, is something you experience — and at STRITE, we believe that it is an experience with many facets to it.

For us, the concept of value starts with how we see our business, which is to provide a high quality service and product.  If you think about a “higher calling” associated with any business, ours is to fulfill a community need — and after all, improving peoples‘ homes is certainly an investment in the quality of a community.  Focusing on this aspect of our business model, rather than on simply making money, forms the basis of how we look at value.  To this, we add integrity (doing what we do honestly and professionally), talent, and experience.

To compare the value that competing companies offer is a tricky proposition when choosing a remodeler, since it would ultimately require homeowners to have the same project completed by several different companies — something that simply doesn’t happen in the real world.  The truth is, any good remodeler should end up producing the same, or roughly the same, outcome when it comes to fulfilling a client’s needs.  What happens in getting to that outcome is where value is experienced.

It may seem a bold statement, but we are the only construction company in our residential remodel market that doesn’t say, “We can’t do it.”  We’ve learned over the years that everything can be done…you just have to understand the parameters associated with doing it.  Helping our clients work through those parameters is another component of how STRITE adds value — one that also informs the culture of our company, and how we work together and with our trades partners.